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General Manager

Maurizio Di Cosimo, since I was 22 years old, I began my journey in entrepreneurship. During the years 1988-2008, I founded several companies in Italy and abroad, working in various sectors and markets. In 2008, I established Axcent, my business group, vertically structured to cover the areas of Information Technology, mobility engineering and financial markets. My business group is led by a competent team, and all those who are part of it are key assets. I constantly strive to ensure that each and every one of them finds satisfaction within the group. For the next three years, we will be facing a business growth of at least 30 percent over current production, and in this context, my attentions will always be focused on increasing the quality and sustainability of my group's activities.

Currently, I have a keen interest in Artificial Intelligence and process optimization, especially in Telemedicine, a promising market for the future.

GM Executive Assistant & Sales Account
Teresa, my undergraduate training in Pharmacy is far removed from what my current career path is. I joined Axcent five years ago and today I work alongside the CEO, handle customer relations, and am on the sales team. My experience in this company is well above my expectations, and since I joined, my professional figure has evolved in a way I never expected. I would recommend our reality as it allows you to give your best, learn skills, grow, and most importantly, make mistakes! Axcent has helped me believe in myself and every day I am increasingly eager to show myself professionally.
CFO & Legal Dpt. Manager
Scilla, graduated with honors in Business Administration from the Federico II University in Naples. I joined Axcent on June 3, 2009, and to date I oversee corporate operations, management control and budgets, in addition, I try to make the Rail side of management control efficient. I could never have imagined the personal and professional growth I have had in this company, and I highly recommend an experience with us, because those who do not want to be bored, do not get bored! You need to be very precise but not fussy, you need to be always ready for change. This Company has changed me, allowed me to have other professional experiences, far from my home world: I studied and put myself on the line to achieve what the company goals were.
Information Technology Manager
Tania, IT Expert and Technical Director of Axcent's IT area since 2008. I mainly deal with the conception and management of projects in the area of Information Technology at 360°, as well as devoting myself to recruiting personnel, with experience and young talent, related to my area of expertise. I can with satisfaction and gratitude say that Axcent has fulfilled my dream in the drawer: here I do the work I like in a dynamic, flexible, professional environment constantly dedicated to research and innovation, which gives due weight to seniors but is able to enhance and empower junior figures as well. So, whether you are an expert, or a talented young person armed with enthusiasm, curiosity and a lot of good will, and of course the appropriate skills, Axcent is definitely the right place for you.
HR Manager

Danila, graduate in Work and Organizational Psychology from La Sapienza in Rome. Immediately after my studies I started my journey in the complex world of human resources within the ICT / Engineering sector. I currently hold the role of HR Manager, managing the entire employee life cycle in the company. I constantly seek to ensure a satisfactory employee experience for my colleagues through a process of monitoring professional growth and actively listening to their needs, with a direct, non-top-down relational approach. Working in Axcent offers the opportunity to gain experience both personally and professionally in a heterogeneous context, handling issues related to the IT world, but also to mobility and banking with a strong focus on innovation.

In Axcent, one finds fertile ground for teamwork, but above all, a lot of trust is given to younger talents, following them on their growth path and giving them the opportunity to express their potential to the fullest, thus ensuring the promotion of continuous innovation.

Key Senior Account IT Area
Arturo, according to the vanity of the degree I am an Electronic Engineer. In Axcent I carry out, to my enormous satisfaction, the role of Key Senior Account Manager for the IT Area, ours is a dynamic reality that I recommend above all to young people, even with little experience as long as they have good motivation, from us they can find a place where they can learn innovative technologies and insert themselves in a company projected towards the future. But also, to more mature and experienced people, since they can find themselves a dimension outside the organizational flattening of the big giants without running into risks typical of startups. I have been with Axcent now since as far back as February 2009, here I am on a long, important and exciting journey that allows me to grow, mature and adapt to the many businesses and market changes.
Recruiting Senior Specialist

Antonio, Electronics Engineer, I started working at Axcent from its foundation in 2008 and have held various company functions ranging from project management from both technical and commercial perspectives, through the management of Corporate Safety, holding the role of RSPP, and of the Quality Management System, holding the role of RSGQ. Over time I have been involved in innovation projects to land in staff training and recruiting new colleagues. In recent years I also follow the area related to Personal Data Security, holding the role of DPO. Following this career path within the company, I can say that when I started at Axcent, I could not have thought I would have this evolution,

going beyond any first expectations. I would recommend Axcent to anyone who has the desire to enter an extremely dynamic work environment with the desire, ability, and commitment to follow the evolutions and challenges that arise daily. In my case, I cannot say how much Axcent has changed my professional life because I was born into this business group in 1995 and grew up there. I have had my whole professional life here.

Key Senior Account Rail Area

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