From the experience gained in the programming industry comes Axcent's Software Factory , a true Key.Skills Hub. La divisione, attraverso una formazione continua, supporta la crescita delle future figure chiave del gruppo. La Factory è un centro di eccellenza formato da un team che, operando in stretta sinergia, segue il progetto dallo sviluppo alla sua manutenzione.

the voice of talents

Hello! I am Claudia, a developer in Axcent since 2021, I'm a determined and dynamic girl. After finishing my training on IT verticals, I joined Axcent and gained my first work experience in telecommunications. Today, I am an integral part of the talented team that makes up the Factory. I believe that nothing is owed, so I carry out my work in a meticulous and careful manner, never failing to support my colleagues.
Hello! I am Edoardo, developer in Axcent since 2023. I joined the company about a year ago and in the first few months I focused on training with colleagues who are experts in Java, then I joined the first project, where I am working on the front end, mainly dealing with bug fixing and testing automation with a new framework. Axcent has changed my professional life significantly both technically and humanely. The company's transparency and open approach have enabled me to face challenges in a more effective and rewarding way.
Hello! I am Mariano, a developer and analyst in Axcent since 2018. Despite modest initial knowledge, from the beginning I stood out within the Factory for my resourcefulness, getting, after a few months, a first job in the company. Later, during a project in collaboration with a major client in the telecommunications field, I had the opportunity to get in touch with PEGA technology, on which I decided to train. Today, now a specialist on that platform and grateful for the opportunity I had in Axcent, I continue to be a dynamic person, strongly convinced of the importance of teamwork and aware that I am part of a loyal team.

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