Treasury & Invoicing Senior Specialist

Sonia, after graduating with a diploma in accounting, I met the reality of Axcent several years ago and I have always played the role of Administrative Clerk with different specializations. To date, what I deal with is in line with my expectations and I believe that this is a dynamic company that is always ready for change, which looks beyond and does not stop at the first obstacles. 

HR Generalist
Sumaia, graduate in Information Technology from the University of São Paulo, Brazil. I work in human resources at Axcent, I have a generalist role and deal with different issues about the people that make up the company. I started my career path in Axcent South America (São Paulo, Brazil) where I oversaw management control and supervised, in a general way, the HR department. I later moved to Italy and continued working at Axcent in a role that paid more attention to people. I highly recommend an experience with us because there is the opportunity to look at various aspects in detail in addition to one's main duties, allowing one to always be in contact with different professionals. I can say that in Axcent I grew it allowed me to learn and know so many things!
Payroll Specialist
Mariarosaria, graduate in Political Science with a master’s degree in Personnel Management and certification and training in Labor Consulting. In Axcent I deal with payroll processing and my professional profile has not changed over the years, I came in with specific skills and have continued to work in the company always in the same field. I recommend a work experience with us because, being a company in constant development, you can be able to create more professional contact and interchange among colleagues. As far as the evolution of my professional life is concerned, there were no changes during my working career in Axcent, I joined the company with the training and skills that I currently have.
Accountant & Tax Specialist
Angela, I hold a degree in Management and Business Control and am a licensed Certified Public Accountant and Auditor. At Axcent, I oversee accounting and taxation. I joined the company in 2017 to perform the task I still hold today, and of course the expectations are for growth in all areas. I recommend Axcent because it can create a reality that is ready for change, and I thank it because through it I have learned about business logic and had the opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired during my practicum experience as a Certified Public Accountant.
Purchasing Specialist

Maria, a high school diploma in science, today I oversee the administrative secretariat, purchasing office and support the Rail Operation Manager. I must admit that what I do at Axcent far exceeds my first expectations, so much so that I recommend an experience here with us both for the dynamic and perpetually growing professional environment and the motivating vision and mission.
Axcent has been decisive for me, despite having had various earlier experiences, it has been the turning point from a work and educational point of view, there are professional aspects that I have learned, deepened and constantly improved and brought into my personal life.

Technical Specialist
Giorgia, graduate in Business Administration with a specialization in Corporate Finance. At Axcent I oversee business development, and I am an Account Executive for the Group's Asset Management, Capital Markets & Banking company. What I do gives me a lot of satisfaction; ours is a dynamic and stimulating environment, made up of professionals who work, with commitment and passion, to meet customers' needs, responding promptly and proposing innovative solutions! In Axcent I have found a management that has valued me and given me confidence, allowing me to make the most of my professional skills.
Project Manager

Tommaso, Genoese now in Milan for 8 years, graduated in Management from the University of Genoa and a big Sampdoria fan! I am part of the company WMCM, and I deal mainly with Program Management for financial institutions, what I do is absolutely in line with what were my expectations: I arrived here with the desire to have new opportunities for growth and see new perspectives. WMCM and Axcent are giving me the chance to expand my skills in management and business increasingly quickly. I highly recommend our reality for the growth opportunities and the company culture that is noticeable from the very first weeks: vertical skills, entrepreneurial vision, quality of professional and personal life, openness to the exchange of ideas and feedback.

Axcent has given me great energy in wanting to actively contribute, with the knowledge that I can really move levers for group and personal results.

Java Specialist

Angelo, graduate in Computer Engineering. At Axcent I engage in both consulting at clients and managing small groups of resources in Factory as far as Java training is concerned. I am currently consulting with a client in the banking field. I can confidently say that I am doing what I expected to do, which is to develop and interact with clients in consulting, and if we really have to be honest, I find myself doing activities that I never thought I would do, and it satisfies and enriches me as a professional. I recommend Axcent, because of the great opportunities for growth both in the professional sphere and in the interpersonal sphere because of the relationship that develops between colleagues.

Axcent has led me to professional growth through interactive courses and by empowering me to overcome difficulties with the support of good and knowledgeable colleagues.

Pega Specialist

Luca, ingegnere informatico con la passione per il Software e di tutto quello che vi orbita intorno. In Axcent sono uno sviluppatore Pega, piattaforma di sviluppo Low Code che permette il disegno e la Digital Transformation favorendo la gestione dei processi. Seguo le attività di analisi e sviluppo per conto dei nostri clienti, partecipo alle attività di Project Management sulle commesse strategiche per l’azienda e inoltre, seguo il processo di formazione dei nuovi colleghi.
I started working for Axcent in June 2011, usually the figure of the software engineer is juxtaposed with that of the programmer, but here I also deal with something else, and this is beyond my expectations. This company offers many opportunities for those who want to learn, apply and expand their knowledge in the field of computer science,

the always stimulating opportunities and teamwork enrich you professionally with a continuous learning process. Here I have greatly improved my skills and various professional knowledge, feelings that are confirmed by the feedback I receive. Here you gain the experience necessary to become a reference in your field of work.

Software Quality Engineer
Luigi, graduate in Logistics and Production Management Engineering. In March 2016 I joined Axcent and after a first training period in the Development team distributed on the customer using SIEBEL technologies, SQL, PL-SQL, JavaScript, I started my working career in Testing-Quality Assurance working for the customer. In the last two years, I started a "specialization" path on Salesforce technology by obtaining the System Administrator certification. I currently work for the client on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce technologies. My current job description is in line with the expectations I had upon joining Axcent, because of the experience I have gained over the years.
I think I have embarked on a very satisfying and straightforward path in the tasks I have performed, where my efforts could and still can now be effective in obtaining positive feedback from the client and in achieving further certifications in parallel with daily project work.

Innovation & Business Development Specialist

Andrea, graduate of ITS mechatronics as a higher technician for automation and mechatronic railroad systems. I started working at Axcent five years ago as a Data Analyst at the Control Room where I oversaw daily data monitoring of the customer's regional and high-speed fleets offering technical support to depots and maintenance engineering. A few months ago, I joined the technical office team at Axcent System Engineering where I have tried to bring my experience to the development of current and future projects. Here we take care of all phases of a project, from first design to final implementation by studying the most suitable solutions and responding to customer needs.
When I joined the company, at the end of my training, I wanted to start working in the transportation sector beginning a path of professional growth and to date I am very happy with the role I hold because it gives me the opportunity to follow and deepen different topics expanding my knowledge, it is a very challenging job and never repetitive. I would recommend everyone to work in Axcent because it is an incredibly positive, dynamic and stimulating environment where you can grow and learn everyday thanks to a team of high-level professionals.
Microsoft/Java Specialist
Umberto, computer scientist with a passion for software development. I started my adventure in Axcent as a Java developer, full stack and later became Technical Leader and Manager of one of the Factory competences centers. I am personally involved in analysis and development activities on behalf of our customers, I follow project management activities on strategic orders for the company and I oversee the training of new colleagues. When I was selected to be part of Axcent, I was still just a developer with the promise of professional growth, and that is what happened. Why do I recommend Axcent? Well, easy-there's me! Jokes aside, because it gives an opportunity to people "new" to the IT world to learn, and for people with experience to expand their technical background,
moreover, the environment created over the years gives the opportunity to work with the right serenity. Axcent has allowed me to become a reference and an example for colleagues. A personal pride of mine!
Innovation & Business Development Specialist

Matteo, graduated in Telecommunication Engineering at the Federico II University of Naples. At Axcent I am part of the technical engineering office of Axcent System Engineering, with focus in Mobility & Transportation, but when needed also on the different areas of expertise of the company. The task of our office is to implement and engineer new projects and activities for our customers and partners, mainly performing specialized technical consulting, creation of technical and functional project documents, activity planning, testing, and in general anything that may require the need for a specialized engineer. I recommend an experience with us because here you can learn to work in a team with great constructive interaction by sharing and taking part in activities with different figures

and actors that stimulate one's curiosity and desire to constantly learn and update. No less important, the possibility of being able to work cross-functionally on several fields allows one to increase one's skills on different areas.
IT Support
Luciano, Electrical Technician. At Axcent I am responsible for information systems, a role that gratifies me greatly. I would recommend an experience with us mainly because of the human and professional value of the people I work with. In my previous work experience I was working shifts, which did not allow me to adequately live my daily life; Axcent has improved the quality of my life and I am sure that it will allow me to train myself to the best of my ability, thanks to the continuous support of my managers and my more experienced colleagues, who are always ready to provide advice and give guidelines on how to behave and act depending on the situation.
Technical Specialist
Gianni, class of 1977, graduated in Computer Engineering from the University of Pisa in 2003 with a grade of 110/110 cum laude. I have 20 years of experience on design/development/management of advanced software solutions in finance/banking, bought and developed working in leading companies in the field. My role at Axcent is as a manager in the company WMCM Advisory, specifically managing the design scope (architecture/development) of Systems of Synthesis for one of our clients.
Project Manager
Giulio, graduate in Economics and Finance with specialization in Business Legislation. In Axcent I am a PM\PMO, and I oversee complex projects in Banking and Financial Services, a role that largely meets my initial expectations. I recommend an experience in Axcent/WMCM because it is the right place to grow and experience new challenges, personally, it has given me the opportunity to express my skills to the fullest and make use of past experiences.
Key Account for New Markets

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