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HR Employer Branding &
Communication Specialist

Annarita, psychologist with a great passion for Human Resources and Communication, so after graduating in Psychology for Wellbeing at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart I decided to specialize by obtaining a master’s in Human Resources management. In Axcent I hold the role of Employer Branding and Communication Specialist, I concretely manage and plan a series of projects, events and activities related to Employer Branding and Communication. I am very satisfied with my work here, always in contact with colleagues and I can tell internally and externally the value that this company has, not only for me but for each of us.

I recommend Axcent because you can work on so many issues, to challenge yourself, to take responsibility and to be supported by professionals! Axcent has given me the opportunity to not just stop at Employer Branding, it has allowed me to know and explore the HR world better.

Junior HR Specialist
Micaela, graduate in Human Resources Management and Development from the University of Milan-Bicocca. Since my early academic years, I have cultivated a deep interest in the world of human resources, combining the theory learned in the classroom with a practical approach to the challenges related to HR management. Currently, I work in the HR department at Axcent, and my primary responsibilities include employee management, hiring, and many other tasks that contribute to the overall success and well-being of the organization and its employees. Axcent has exceeded my expectations by providing a dynamic and collaborative environment that has allowed me to grow professionally and challenge myself on an ongoing basis.

I have been working here for a brief time and so far, this experience is playing a key role in my professional growth, thanks to the opportunity to work on multiple projects that are expanding my skills and allowing me to take on new challenges all the time. The people-oriented corporate culture has allowed me to develop meaningful relationships with colleagues and appreciate the importance of teamwork. I recommend an experience here because you are in an extraordinary place that values innovation, collaboration and personal development, where the company invests in people and provides opportunities for continuous development, creating an environment where everyone can excel.

Office Assistant
Jolene, a wellness graduate, I have been involved in reception and organizing activities for years. At Axcent I play the role of secretarial support, and what I do at the company is in line with the expectations of professional growth that I had in mind before I started working. I recommend Axcent because it is a company that offers the opportunity to get involved and grow, it has changed my professional life as it has allowed me to get new skills.
Office Assistant

Selena, I'm attending a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and International Relations, I started working right after graduation to be independent. During my university career I was looking for a job so I could get involved and I met the reality of Axcent. From the very first interview I appreciated it as a company, especially the genuine people who are part of it. I've only been here a short time and they immediately welcomed me into the "family," because the great thing about Axcent is that they don't just see you as a number but as a person. Currently in Axcent I play the role of secretarial support. What do I think about Axcent? It is a particularly good training school because it gives people who are as young as I am the opportunity to start their working career and to be able to learn as much as possible from good people.

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