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The day Neymar came at the depot – Interview to Brayam Rojas

Brayam Rojas is 22 years old and has been working in Axcent since 2016.

He is originally from South America and is a cheerful young man of spirit, always with joke- ready. He is currently in charge of the maintenance of the automation systems at the ATM depot of MM1 in Milan – Precotto and his arrival in the company has a rather particular history.

Attending the IFTS (Higher Technical Training Education) course at the Salesians of Sesto, he was selected by Axcent among all his course mates for an internship. Axcent and the Salesians have been working together for years to give to the most deserving among course’s students the opportunity to conduct interviews and be selected for internships and placements in the company. His story could inspire many young guys and that’s why we ask him to tell us his story.

F: Brayam, at your first interview you were still a student, can you tell us how it went?

B: “Yes, exactly, I was still a student, I was actually at the end of my IFTS course; with Axcent I did the first exploratory interview, that of the selections for an internship. I felt restless and happy at the same time! I absolutely wanted to make a good impression because I knew it would only be the beginning for new opportunities and the anxiety was great, but in the end everything went great!

F: Did you previously have other work experience? How useful was it for you that your training institute had relationships with local companies?

B: “Yes, I had previous work experience; it was an internship during the fourth year of high school. Then with Axcent I had my first real job with a real contract. That my institute, an environment that knew me well, could also be with me in the search for a company that would introduce me to the world of work, was very useful. It helped me to get into it mentally right. I will always be grateful to the Salesians for all the growth opportunities they have given me.

F: So would you recommend your path of studies to someone?

B: “Absolutely yes! Personally, it has been very useful to me and will certainly be useful to many other guys with the same desire to do and get in the game.”

F: Do you remember anything from the first day of work you want to tell us about? 

“For the fear of being late, I arrived at the concierge at the depot 30 minutes before the agreed time. Not knowing where the entrance was, I asked the guard on duty for directions, who said to me: “Go around and enter on the other side. Not having understood exactly what he meant by “go around” and not wanting to disturb him further, I actually went around the entire depot asking for directions to each person I met. I found myself then being obviously late. In short, it was a disaster! After huge walks and the return to the starting point I decided to call Eng. Angelo Camera, who then immediately announced my presence at the entrance to my current tutor Claudio Sala, whose first words were: “But they sent us Neymar!” And so I started my journey in Metro Milan, with that nickname.

Then he confesses that the entrance was next door of the concierge and after this I want to ask him much more because I understand that the fun has not missed in these years:

F: How are relationships at work? How is the environment?

From the very first day, both my colleagues and the ATM staff were hospitable and welcomed me with cordiality. It’s a complex but cheerful work environment and in recent years I’ve had the opportunity to work with many people from other companies with whom I’ve established an excellent relationship, including friendship. I’m now talking about friendship before being colleagues since I spend most of my day with them! For example, Claudio, my tutor, has always been very patient and helpful with me and has given me so much, not only the technical knowledge to do my job, but also real-life lessons. It’s a habit for us now to get out of work together after a long and tiring day and relax with an aperitif and some laughter … indeed, I would say a lot of laughter!

F: Tell me more about your “long and tiring day”, how is a typical day for Brayam?

“Usually we go in shifts: I start working at 7:00 a.m., when the trains leave the depot and heads towards the line to carry out the regular transport service; my presence at that time is essential to resolve any faults. Then the rest of the day is very dynamic: scheduled maintenance, corrective maintenance, possible changes to both the software and the mechanics, unloading and analysis of data from the trains, management of the warehouse and technical assistance to the customer during availability hours (i.e. outside working hours, including weekends).

F: Do you like it being so?

B: “My job is great because it is unpredictable. There is never anything monotonous, every day something new arrives, whether it’s a static or more dynamic activity. I never stop learning and this is what makes it very interesting.”

F: But your life won’t be just work, what does Brayam do when he’s not on a train?

“Like everyone else when I leave work, especially if it’s been a very busy day, I look for ways to relax. For me, football is the best way. It relaxes me, it makes me unplug my mind completely, and it doesn’t make me think about all the problems I might have had during the day. Then there are the lazy moments: on the sofa watching a movie and eating popcorn or reading a book, the weekend out with friends for the Milanese nightlife. This year, in particular, I’m planning to go on holiday in December and return to my home country, Peru, to visit my relatives and enjoy the South American summer. I can’t wait!”

I imagined it with the Axcent uniform at work, with a football shirt and then with a colorful Peruvian chullo. And now the question arises spontaneously:

F: Brayam, where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?

B: That’s a nice one! I have many goals in mind and I’ve already achieved some of them (even smaller ones) and I’m very satisfied with that. But I don’t know how to answer your question in any other way than with these words: in 10 years I will be proud of myself, both for the goals I will have achieved and for the new challenges and new goals that are waiting for me.