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In the digital world, where technologies and computer solutions are constantly evolving, Research & Development of new business models are essential. In Axcent we design and develop Solutions Industry 4.0 to make the work of the Companies competitive and up-to-date. To be acquainted with the offer and the trends of the IT market, in addition to make a constant analysis of new technologies, our services of System Integration are fundamental; we do not stop at designing complex systems, but we actually support the Client making it possible to reach its business goals with the solutions we propose.

Projects & Solutions Industry 4.0

“A System Integrator has the role to transform the Industry 4.0 paradigm in something real, effective, helpful.”

We are a dynamic, pragmatic and effective System Integrator. We develop Solution 4.0 for decision-making support, fleet management, production line control, organization of industrial activities, territory and environmental supervision.  

With our complete solutions it’s possible to acquire and analyse data, extract useful information and make it available for Companies.


Our projects

Engineering Skills

System Engineering

• Understanding of the company’s needs
• Identification of every possible room for improvement
• Developing and integration of 4.0 Industry Projects.

Internet of Things

• IoT projects development for specific needs
• IoT devices design and prototyping
• Integration of IoT devices already operating on the Market

Cloud Solutions

• Development of complete solutions on Cloud
• No impact on the existing company infrastructures
• Services scalable to the actual necessity

Data Analytics & AI

• Data analysis algorithms
• Systems of automatic alert and warning
• Extraction of information for decision-making support

Tailored application

• Web-based application development, with private, always available access to the information
• Solutions for the extraction and reporting of data and strategic info.

The System Integrator for Axcent

Axcent System Engineering interprets the role of the System Engineer in a very pragmatic and effective way. The task of a System Integrator is, first of all, that of understanding the industrial reality of where it works, the related necessities and the margins for improvement. For the room for improvement, modernization and the search for efficiency, the System Integrator Industry 4.0 develops and creates technologically advanced systems enabling even very different kinds of structures to work together.   

The purpose? Producing a new functional structure which uses the synergetic possibilities of systems, creating new functionalities and optimizing the business processes.

Technological Skills

Communication Infrastructures

Solutions for different platforms and technologies

Firmware & Edge Computing


Cloud services

Infrastructures and microservices developed for specific needs

Applicazioni Web Client Server

 Sviluppo SW di front end e back end con tecnologie attuali e di elevate prestazioni