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I work, study and develop Software! – Interview to Davide Curreli

He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, Italy. Today he is enrolled at a Master in Computer Science and he has a part-time job helping the Innovation area developing new softwares.

Davide Curreli is 24 years old, he has been an Axcent collaborator since 2018, but he is also a shy and kind boy, he speaks little and never out of place, he is an enthusiast of technology and professional headphones lover from Cagliari.

Davide, how did you meet us?

During my three-year studies at Politecnico I chose to do an internship; among the announcements of the university portal there was an open position as Jr. Software Engineer and that position was in Axcent. During the three months of the internship I developed a project, called Battery IoT, which today is an integral part of the Axcent portfolio. I really appreciated the work done and, since there was the opportunity, I wanted to continue the collaboration with the company.

So what exactly do you do today?

Together with the development team I create web applications for the 4.0 industry that interface with IoT devices of our conception. We develop proprietary software for industrial innovation. I am currently personally completing the development of a portal for monitoring Civil Works that we will soon advertise! It will be called CWS – Civil Work Supervisor.

How would you describe it in a few words?

It is a software that keeps an eye on the health of a Civil Engineering project. It detects anomalies and allows you to improve maintenance procedures.

What is it like to both work and study? Do you think your studies are helping with your job, or is your job helping you more to simplify your studies?

On the private side, working and studying is very hard, going home in the late afternoon and getting you to study when you are under examination is not very easy, but I have to say that I can still carve out some moments of leisure. On the professional side, however, is a profitable exchange: studies at the Polytechnic have certainly provided me with excellent tools to address the challenges encountered in various projects but the real experience of working this year with Axcent has greatly increased my skills in software development!

Have you always been passionate about technology?

Yes, when I was a child my mother worked at an Internet Point; I used to go with her and play with mice and computers. I’ve always been quite projected!

So you went straight to university?

Actually, I started by enrolling in Physics at the University of Cagliari, but I only did one year. I wanted something more applied, so I tried the admission tests at the Politecnico per Ingegneria Informatica and I moved to Milan! It was immediately much more interesting… for a child like me who loved to disassemble and reassemble things and who helped his mother to attack the mouse!

Today many people are looking for a path that can provide a “safe job” …Would you recommend to someone your own path of study at this purpose?

I am completing my Master’s Degree in Computer Science and currently I feel very satisfied with my career; it is undeniable that it is not one of the easiest paths to take, but it has given me many satisfactions that are worth all the efforts made. Moreover, today technology is introducing itself more and more deeply in our lives; if for some sectors this may seem a problem, for the field of software development it is absolutely not, on the contrary, it means that there will be a lot of work to do for the IT Engineers! I have no doubt that this career can facilitate the search for a job. 

How do you see the evolution of your career in Axcent?

Since the complexity of our projects is constantly growing I am sure that in the future, it will be necessary to expand our development team. Who knows, maybe one day I could lead and train someone and even more could open the door for me to a position in management!

Would you close with the motto of your life?

“A day spent without committing to something we like is a bad day.”