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Our Engineering area can offer specialized support by researching, designing, providing solutions and manpower for our Clients. Our Teams of experts work for:








Why choose Axcent?

The strength of the structured offer of Axcent System Engineering comes from the proximity of our experts to the daily reality of our Clients. We are deeply acquainted with their processes and needs and for this reason we work to make their projects successful.


Several skills, one team

Our team of engineers, maintenance technicians and operating staff work together like a syncronized machine. Everyone shares their knowledge to enable a rapid and successful delivery, whether it be the development of projects or operational support on the infrastructures.

Control Room

Since 2014, Axcent has been providing support with an innovative tool of integrated diagnostics analysis called Control Room.

The Control room is a set of processes, methods and instruments aimed at optimizing the maintenance of rolling stock. Axcent’s experts monitor and analyze in real- time the diagnostic data downloaded from trains in order to intervene promptly with a maintenance that is targeted, predictive, effective.

Control Room is a new approach to data analysis. It reduces time and costs of corrective maintenance.


As a System Integrator, we aim at supporting the Industry with a 4.0 approach, nowadays known as Smart manufacturing. The introduction of automated and interconnected systems even in the manufacturing field using digital and new technologies produces:

  • More transparency and efficiency (reduce wastefulness, mistakes, time and money)  
  • Increased productivity  
  • More competitiveness of products   
  • Retraining employees towards less repetitive and manual activities, preferring more cognitive ones, based on knowledge, on data.

Mobility Rail

Axcent System Engineering’s services for the Railway sector include activities in Test, Commissioning and qualified Maintenance on the entire Rail infrastructure (Rolling stock, Signaling and Electrification).   
  • Predictive and corrective maintenance on signaling devices on ground and on board 
  • Drafting of technical specifications for test and maintenance tools 
  • Data Analyst and Engineering support 
  • Fleet management 
  • Railway switchboard 
  • Construction and retrofit 
  • Predictive and corrective 
    of diesel and electric locomotives  
  • Specialized consulting for remote service 
  • Task service order 
  • Warehouse spare parts  

Road Transportation

Field maintenance services & Help desk

Vehicle Support and Maintenance

Vehicle equipment stock management

System monitoring & Data Analysis


Environmental Engineering is a sector which combines IT and Health and Safety careers in order to create solutions for prevention and control (preservation, waste management, pollution prevention and control). In recent years it has also been embedded in other industries too such as Hospitality and Finance, and still continues growing on other sectors such as those dedicated to Climate change and Carbon Trading. The products we develop and supply at Axcent are mainly devoted to territory supervision and environmental monitoring and/or work environments. All these solutions support company decision-making.

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Skills & Certifications

Our resources have the formal qualifications required by the National Railway Safety Agency (ANSF) and Trenitalia Spa (COCS 30.6/DT of 3 August 2018). We are also UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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We are actively involved in Superior Technical Education through the activation of 3rd Level Apprenticeships, in partnership with ITS Course for automation and mechatronic systems for public transport.