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On October 8th 2019 the new website Axcent network’s companies ( is presented to the public.

The site was designed bearing in mind the company’s general payoff “People&Technology” and is based on a recovery of a “more human” view of technology. “It’s not a faith in technology, it’s faith in people“, the quote by Steve Jobs that welcomes everyone in the homepage.

A company of people in the first place, people who do and work with technology.

A new logo that does not change much from the past style, is modernized by incorporating other colors, in order to differentiate the various business divisions and territorial locations: Green for Innovation, Red for Engineering and Blue for Information Technology.

New contents and new sections that encourage dialogue not only with the outside world and Clients but with all Axcent employees, who will not only be spectators but active “testimonials” of the company’s life.