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About Us

We like to define ourselves as a company of System Integration.  We are focused on participating in grand projects in order to deliver professional quality solutions which grow our reputation. Our consultants are chosen according to client needs and our solutions are specifically tailored. We aim at giving support, as a partner, to large companies by providing teams of specialists and innovative technologies in Engineering and Information Technology. To assist the business of those who choose us, it is important for us to be prepared and responsive to every need. Our skills and professional training make it possible!

The group

Our business strategy includes a network of different companies, each one specialized in relation to the offered services, client type and geographical location.

Axcent System Engineering

Axcent Technology Solutions

Axcent Sudamerica

Axcent Sudafrica

Process IT

Where & When


27 February 2008

The company was founded in 2008 in Naples, offering consultancy in TELCO, Finance, Public Administration and Rail. From the beginning, the intent was to create a kind of structure flexible and with good expertise, introducing itself to the client as a specialized partner able to provide the best support. Wanting to increase its potential and its services, between 2014 and 2016 Axcent branched out into other companies, this way refining the areas of interest to respond to the market’s requirements.

Axcent SouthAmerica

10 May 2009

Technology has no barriers, and with the desire to expand the frontiers, in 2009 Axcent flies to Brazil, offering consulting services in Information Technology, Development, Network and Telecommunications thanks to the experience already gained in Italy.

Axcent TS

1 February 2015

In 2015 it was created to embrace all the activities in Computer Science. It is the branch which tells about the Digital Transformation, the world of software, the IT skills, the 4th revolution: the technological one.

Axcent SE

27 July 2016

In 2016 it was created to include every activity in the Engineering field. As the Railway sector was the principal passion and focus of Axcent Engineering, the aim was to obtain a profound knowledge in testing, commissioning, monitoring and maintenance for the whole railway infrastructure. This calling to the industry of “mobility” is not long in coming (2018).

Axcent SouthAfrica

3 June 2017

Passion for Railways and great market opportunities, allow Axcent in 2017 to arrive in South Africa, Johannesburg, where Axcent South Africa is a legal entity.

Process IT

3 May 2019

In order to react to the emerging needs created by the Italian National Industry Plan 4.0, Process IT was created in 2019. The newborn at Axcent is devoted to technologies and factory automation.

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point of reference for all the people who have relationships, in various ways, with our company.”

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